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The Title-Banner

The homepage-banner (realized in JAVA) consists of two parts :

1.) The dual-target timer :

(a mousedown-event is used for changing the displayed time interval)

2.) the main banner

Both use the standard Rocket-Site background (paper-style 72*72 pixel image).
The main part additionally paints a logo-background on top of it.
This combination is used as background for letters which are randomly moved
around their center position.
(an idea from SUN Microsystems - California)

If you move over the letters with the mouse pointer, the
nearest letter {with the coordinates (lx,ly)} moves away from
the current mouse pointer position (x,y).
This is achieved by the function dist=hypot(lx-x, ly-y) which calculates
the current distance of letter and mouse-pointer.
The rocket is animated by changing the size of the image
(this timer-driven animation is restarted by a simple mouse-click).

The banner is used in two modes:
  • full display : the version described above (used on index.htm)
  • simple display : no rocket on the left (used on nearly any other page)

    click here to visit banner in full-display mode

  • updated on AUGUST-12-1999