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some comments on the "alien g." game :

main features
  • advanced plane landing (alternating :
    U.S. style aircraft carrier with 4 brake ropes / runway on land) ,
    hit-check and intro-text sequence
  • vertical landing/take-off ability
    (otherwise plane can be lost if landed beyond the carrier runway)
  • rectangular rockets (visibly enlarged if altitude>1000) and
    rocket mountings are drawn
  • automatic plane repositioning after landing on ground or carrier
  • the alien intro can be skipped by pressing a key
  • status information with "G-Force", vertical speed and altitude display
  • right/left and forward/backward plane acceleration
    (relative to the screen) via the 4 cursor keys ;
    the pilot suffers "redout blackout" if the actual G-Force is
    lower than -1.5 (displayed on the right half of the screen)
  • keys "e" and "d" for altitude change up/down
    (the ascend/descend speed depends on the actual rotational angle
    of the plane ; a resulting right/left plane movement occurs if
    plane is geared)
  • use the "z" and "c" key for long-axis rotation (a 90 degree "geared"
    aircraft allows to speed up its right/left movements)
  • land the plane on the automatically appearing airfield if you're
    "out of rockets" to resupply them
    note: you have to
    a) fly at an altitude <=1000 and
    b) touch the airfield with rotational angles
    lower than about 10 degrees for a successful automatic landing.
    Be sure to touch the field in an upward position ! (the rocket
    mountings are invisible then)

  • "aircraft" menu :
  • select "vertical landing"/take-off ability for more effective
    landing (otherwise
    a) 10 points can be subtracted on land and
    b) a plane is lost at sea
    if you run out of runway during classical landing)
    note: in reality the vertical landing/take-off feature is only
    available in "Harrier" aircrafts (not "Mig" or "Falcon")
  • two display shapes and speeds (simple spaceship : fast /
    2 axis rotated 3D aircraft : slower) can be selected via menu
    or the "s" key
    if the game (with complex 3D plane shape activated) appears to be
    too slow, then select the simple shape to speed it up a bit
  • two plane types (Mig = slower , Falcon = faster rotation speed
    but more difficult to land) ; F16 "Falcon" is preselected

  • hints for faster right/left - steering

    avoid negative G's (otherwise the plane is out of control
    for a while due to pilot's redout blackout) :
    turn "upwards" (= to the right in this example) in step 2 !

    (updated on June-22-2001)