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Product Brief

AMD-K5(TM) -PR133/PR166 Processors

The True Alternative

AMD-K5(TM) processors are a true alternative to other 133/166 Mhz processors.
The AMD-K5 processor family has a broad range of performance options that deliver outstanding value. Proven compatibility with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and the installed base of x86 software makes AMD-K5 processors a safe, compatible choice for PC users in corporate networked and home computing environments.

Compatible with All Leading Operating Systems

The AMD-K5 processor is designed for full compatibility with Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT®, Novell® NetWare®, and OS/2 Warp operating systems, and the extensive library of x86 packages. Independent test labs like XXCAL, Inc., have verified the AMD-K5 processor's compatibility through extensive testing. Like all AMD processors, the AMD-K5 processor is licensed by the Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality labs to carry the Windows logo.

Key Features and Benefits of the AMD-K5

Features Benefits
  • A broad range of performance options to offer the best value for mainstream desktop PCs
  • Allows savings to be passed on to resellers and end users
  • Enables better-equipped systems that incorporate more memory, larger/faster HDD, better graphics, etc.
  • Allows the customer the choice to base an entire product line on AMD processors
  • Socket 7 Compatible (Pentium)
  • Licensed to carry the Microsoft Windows 95 logo
  • XXCAL Platinum Certified
  • Leverages extensive list of third-party BIOS, motherboard, and chipset support
  • Ensures compatibility with installed base of x86 software and hardware
  • Independently developed superscalar architecture
  • Offers foundation for higher-performance options
  • Proven supplier--selling AMD x86 processors since the 8086 CPU. Over 40 million processors sold in the last four years
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing capability
  • Provides consistent quality and reliability
  • Satisfies customers' high-volume requirements

AMD's Independent, x86-Compatible Architecture

AMD's independently developed AMD-K5 superscalar core architecture combines highly efficient instruction throughput with x86 instruction-set compatibility. The result is a fifth-generation, x86-compatible processor with ample power to run both 16-bit and 32-bit operating systems and application software.

Road Map to Higher Performance

Manufactured at AMD's state-of-the-art, $1.4-billion Fab 25 using 0.35-micron process technology, the AMD-K5 processor provides compatibility, reliability, and superior price/performance for mainstream desktop systems. By driving the state of the art in superscalar architecture, process technology, and manufacturing capacity, AMD offers the PC industry a true alternative available in a broad range of performance options.

P-Rating: System Performance at a Glance

The AMD-K5-PR133/PR166 processors are designed to deliver system performance equal to or better than other 133- and 166-MHz Processors. This processing power is proven by the P-Rating, which provides an "apples-to-apples" comparison of processor performance in a Windows OS environment. The P-Rating is based on rigorous, reproducible performance tests employing the widely used Ziff-Davis Winstone benchmark that measures true Windows OS performance. By focusing on delivered system performance instead of clock speed, the P-Rating is the most consistent, accurate way to compare the "horsepower" of alternative processors.

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Last Updated 03/14/98