The Dinosaur Riddle compilation

Riddle a: Find 5 english or german verbs (every direction is possible)
Riddle b: Enter digits (from '1' to '9') so that every digit only appears once
in the associated line, column and rectangular block of 9 field elements
Riddle c: Count a preselected digit in the list of numbers from 0 to 99
(use tab control below to select riddle)

Just counting

How many triangles and how many rectangles do you see on the surface below ?

Force computations

  • You can drag the laptop-display position with mouse inside the JavaTM applet below
  • select laptop 'type 2' to allow an instable situation with dynamic system response
  • select 'street problem' to compute a mathematical minimum problem
    (click here if your browser doesn't support Java)

    (this page has been updated on June-09-2008)