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-> dual scenery : select earth/moon background and other screenshots by pressing the 'm' key inside applet

  • Version 1.33 for Windows(TM)/WINNIX on Intel 386 processor PCs or above ; 52 kB .zip file
  • with option to define a "protecting dome" (e.g. around an assumed city ; displayed gray) as
    no-fly-zone for the program's autopilot (can be switched ON and OFF)
  • click here to additionally download the newly compiled B-version (50 kBytes .zip file) :
    no blink effect for the dome , but
  • extended listwindow- , zoom- and pushbutton-functionality in edit-mode for
  • the waypoint-list and selected plane-shape
  • intruder alert for externally controlled aircraft

  • recommended system:
  • Windows(TM) accelerator card or 233+ Mhz processor
    (the program's graphics-display can be adapted to slower CPUs)
  • "High Color" (16 Bit) graphics-mode for faster landscape display  

  • If you'd like to see improvements, copy the following form, mark your desired options and send it to :
  • Autopilot
    [ ] possibility to enter single buildings or scyscrapers
    that cannot be hit when autopilot is activated
  • Graphics
    [ ] usage of Window's [TM] main display context for graphical output (faster display)
    [ ] compilation of the program for a processor newer than the Intel 386
    supported now (e.g. AMD Athlon 700 Mhz)

  • simplified aircraft carrier operations simulator
    112 kBytes .zip file ; version 0.47 with
  • 2 missions :
  • - "Homeland" in San Francisco bay with several misguided civil aircrafts
    - "Sea" without civil air traffic
  • 2-level interactive radar and map display (locally scanned short-range and AWACS/Norad controlled long-range)
  • possible bidirectional transfer of the actual position of one aircraft with the flight-simulator
  • rotateable 3D view for 4 different decks (the lower 2 decks can be edited via an external textfile)
  • wind speed and direction simulation

  • internal links:
  • simplified JAVA helicopter simulator
  • "Alien G." : 2D/3D air-combat and carrier-landing simulator for Psion Series 5 / Revo
  • escorting a civil aircraft (as JAVA[TM] applet)

    electronic dashboard

  • with symbol access check (combination of circles and lines),
    taxameter and
    navigation-system with
    2 possible viewmodes
    (digital maps of 2 simplified
    cities are included)
  • can be connected to
    standard  PC mouse- and
    keyboard electronic
    to measure wheel position,
    m.p.h. and r.p.m. values
  • Windows(TM) version 1.29 ; 32 kB .zip file with external map-file

  • internal links : prototype of external PC mouse electronic | hobbyist gearbox design

    CityDraw tool for Windows(TM) / WINNIX ; version 0.85 ; 19 kBytes .zip file

    (this page has been updated on November-07-2007)