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Future Shuttle Missions

IMPORTANT NOTE: The payloads and schedules reflect the current planning assessment and should NOT be considered the official Space Shuttle Program manifest.

yearplanned missions/projects
ISS-3 (Z1 Truss, PMA-3, etc.) 3-Person Permanent Habitation
ISS-4 (P6, PV Module)
ISS-5 (US Lab, Lab PDGF)
ISS-6 (MPLM, SLP, Crew Rotation)
ISS-7 (Airlock, SLDP-1)
Phase 2 Complete
Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission
ISS-8 (Logistics and Outfitting)
Hubble Service Mission #3
ISS-9-UF-1 (MPLM, PV Module Batteries)
ISS-10 (ITS S0, MT, Airlock Spur)
ISS-11-UF-2 (MPLM, MBS, Lab System)
Research Module
ISS-12 (ITS S1, CETA Cart A)
ISS-13 (SPP with 4 Solar Arrays)
Reimbursable Mission
ISS-14 (ITS P1, CETA Cart B)
ISS-15 (ITS P3, PV Module P4)

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