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    Support Page for 'iWand 17+'

    iWand is a (fake) metal detector for your next cops and robbers party.

    A "not allowed" image or the image of a small gun (depending on your settings)
    appears gradually and a sound can be heard when you reach the horizontal holding
    position of the iPhone or iPod touch while "wanding" a person with it.
    (With a bit of practice you can determine where the "contraband" seems to be hidden.)

    The horizontal holding position can be calibrated and left-handed usage
    (the home button shows to the holding hand) or right-handed usage
    (home button shows away from hand) as well as the image that is shown
    can be set in an option-screen.

    An intensity-meter shows the detection strength of the hidden object as a value from i=0 to i=100 (percent).

    Under usual conditions it is sufficient to connect earphones to the iPod Touch in order to hear the sound
    in the vicinity of the device, but in a louder environment external speakers are recommended.

    Use the [Hold]/[Release] button to freeze the image , so that it can be shown to the person that is wanded.

    After pressing the (i) button you can calibrate the horizontal position of the built-in accelerometer to that edge of the iPhone or iPod touch
    which shows the "i = ..." text and the [hold] and (i) buttons
    (i.e. the lower edge in landscape position of the device when the "home-button" is positioned to the left).
    Press the [LEFT/RIGHT] button to change left-handed or right-handed usage.

    When the contraband is "out of range" (i.e. when you hold the device in an angle exceeding +40 or -40 degrees
    relative to the calibrated horizontal position) , the screen shows a blurry image (similar to x-ray screens)
    and displays a low intensity value (e.g. "i = 0").

    (the optional image that is also used in the
    non-rated version of 'iWand')
    this page has been updated on January-19-2009