Satellite Communication

  • 'Iridium'
    Many of the participating Iridium satellites had been shut down in 2000 ; the remaining ones still offer support for every point on earth besides Poland,North Korea and Cuba
    (source: 'All Road Communications')

    Internet access via additionally available Data Kit at a speed of 18 KBit/second.
    SMS textmessage receipt free of charge ; sending costs about 50 cents per message
    Last available prices in US-$ per minute (when Turkey had a nearly nationwide GSM + fixed phone system breakdown due to a major earthquake)
    satellite-bound Iridium calls could be obtained for $2.73 per minute inside Turkey
    (comparison: $2.10 p.m. for calls inside the countries of the
    European Community)
    calls from Turkey to other countries :
    $1.50 + the normal long distance fee

    Two of the reported successor systems:
  • THURAYA (one geostationary satellite)
    The complete system (covering at least the European and Arabic region) with a ground station in Sharjah
    (United Arabic Emirates) was built for 1.1 billion US-$ by
    Hughes Network Systems and Boeing Satellite Systems
    note: Some of the newer Thuraya phones support additionally downloaded Java(TM) applications.

  • GlobalStar
    Internet access via additionally available Data Kit is possible at a speed of 2.6 KBit/second.
    SMS textmessage receipt is free of charge ; sending a textmessage from the handset costs about 50 cents per message
    The purchase price for a handset is 585 Euro ($749).
    To rent e.g. a 'Qualcomm GSP 1600' costs 15.18 Euro ($19.49) per week ;
    connection fees are partly less than $1 p.m.
    (source: 'All Road Communications')

    note: Satellite Phone communication that exceeds a certain profile usually leads to detection and confiscation of
    the phone in some countries of the Middle East,
    like Syria and Oman (source: 'All Road Communications')

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