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Terms used on the pages

  • "JAVA requ." = "JAVA required" :
    you need a JavaTM - enabled browser on a PC or a Java Virtual Machine 'JVM' ( like JeodeTM available from )
    on a PDA / cellular phone / 'smartphone' with Java 1.0 (or higher) capability to completely
    view the page (of course most of the text-parts of the page can be viewed with a browser that doesn't support JAVA applets).
    Java applet usage notes:
  • click inside the applet area to activate its keyboard control
  • press the key F1 to get some helping text (this is possible with most of the applets)
  • WindowsTM software installation:
  • If you encounter a missing .DLL file warning when running a program designed for WindowsTM you can install
    the Borland/Inprise generated .DLL file from this .zip package

  • Legal Notices

    The name of your internet-server (provider server or institutional server)
    is stored by Lycos and NetGear for statistical purposes
    and might be used by Lycos or "The Rocket-Site" (germany) [T.R.S. (g)] for sponsor-negotiations
    (to prove the diversity of readers to possible cooperation partners).
    If you have access to the Internet via an institutional server, the internal number
    of your PC/workstation can be part of that name.
    To reduce costs, this number or name is NOT removed from the statistic server list.
    privacy notice: currently the name of the pages you visit within this website is
    not connected to your server-name

    DoD notice:
    parts of this website are registered at and used by the U.S. Department of Defence (DoD)
    or affiliated institutions.
    Illegal manipulation of files or services connected with this website concerning that area might be prosecuted
    to the maximum extent possible (by law).

    CE/FCC regulations ; virus protection

  • the X-Soft hardware systems consist of CE compliant components and are sold on a CONSULTING BASIS.
    It's the obligation of the customer (e.g. hardware reseller or network constructor) to take care of CE or FCC
    certification of the end-product (e.g. server PC) before delivery to the final customer.
  • uploaded software for WindowsTM has been checked for viruses with available Norton/McAfee antivirus products.


  • 'Java' is a registered trademark (TM) of Sun Microsystems, California, U.S.A.
  • 'Windows', 'Windows CE', 'Windows Me', 'Windows XP' and 'Windows NT' are registered trademarks of
    Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, U.S.A.
  • 'QuickTime' is a registered trademark of Apple Computers , Cupertino, California
  • 'BeOS' is a registered trademark of Be,Inc. California

    necessary remark due to german jurisdiction:

    The Rocket Site (Germany) is not responsible for the content of external links listed on this website.

    (this page has been updated on March-17-2010)