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notes :
  • within this page the new WTC building
    is called 'WTC II'
  • '9-11' represents the date
    '09-11-2001' (11.9.2001)
  • DHS = Department of Homeland Security

  • Enhanced security concepts

  • for U.S. passenger planes :
    (the following solution has partly been discussed with people from the security sector)
    In cases of pilot suicide or a hijacking event similar to 9-11 the passengers should be technically able to override
    cockpit control (decided on a democratic basis with an electronic voting system integrated into the in-seat TFT displays and valid
    only if the plane isn't or can't be externally controlled/landed by FAA in such a case):
    Several TFT displays (with a sufficient amount and design of added control-buttons or touchscreen-functionality and selectable display of a front-camera image for landing-support) are connected via a cabin-network to form an auxiliary cockpit.
    Those passengers with a PPL ("private pilot license") or those that have proven the ability to fly and land a large (passenger) airplane in a
    recommended flight simulator (that generates and transmits a pilot rating to a central FAA/DHS server if this is desired by the user) are then allowed to control the plane from their seats.
    Access and voting could be secured via a personal password or PIN.
    If a regrouping of seat-positions is possible in the given cabin-situation the network should allow the new pilots to use subsequent seats in a row.
    advantages in case of a cockpit fire or similar cockpit malfunction:
  • this regrouped solution could be used by the regular pilots as well.
  • the network system could allow access-points (e.g. secured USB plugs) for the pilots' notebook/laptop to control the aircraft from a suitable position outside the cockpit.

  • for the new building :

    a) improved outside protection

  • trained security personnel - or army staff replacing the aircraft carrier presence near N.Y.C. - in the upper levels
    of one or several skyscrapers (Empire State Building ; "WTC-II")
    with permanet FAA contact (e.g. via the Internet or a secured GSM network) and airdefense missiles technically limited to short-range usage (with aircraft approach analysis) that cannot harm the
    usual air-traffic.

  • stronger outside walls
  • strengthened rescue-tunnel inside
  • protection-glass at least in the mid-levels critical for building stability

    b) faster evacuation

  • helicopter evacuation-plan via roof
  • parachutes stored in upper levels

  • more fragmented elevator-system (e.g. to rescue disabled persons

    The WTC-complex redesign contest is finished
  • here an example from Krefeld / Germany :

    Visual Appearance Construction Kit ("VACK") :
  • press the key F1 inside the JavaTM applet above to view help

  • other reactions realized with images
  • external links:
  • just in: the reaction of the toy industry to 9-11
  • if you can stand pain, take a look at an image-based reaction to the current conflict

  • Links to NEW YORK :

    Information :
  • The New York Times

  • Bryant Park Cam
    (overhead view of the largest privately managed, public park)
  • View of Downtown Manhattan and the New York City Skyline from the Empire State Building.
  • photographic online stroll through the central park.
  • N.Y. Government :
    City of N.Y. | Mayor's Office | Public Library
    The N.Y. Public Library for the Performing Arts

  • (this page has been updated on September-10-2003 [M.D. - 1])