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1.) Europe and its way into Space

Unmanned and by now only designed to transport satellites into a terrestrial orbit, the ESA developed the commercially successful "Ariane" rocket-series.

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The "Ariane-5" model is the last and most powerful model of that
spaceflight programme.
With two Stages and two boosters it has
a total height of 51,6 m.

fuel mass : 155 tons
propulsion force :
1070 kN for a time of 615 seconds
length : 30 m
diameter : 5,4 m
mass : 167 t
fuel : 7 t
propulsion force :
27,5 kN for 810 secs
mass : 8 t
fuel : 2 x 230 t (solid fuel) propulsion force : 2 x 7500 kN for 125 secs
length 31 m ; diameter 3 m
mass : 2 x 265 t
2.) Comparison
Add a shuttle to the basic propulsion concept of the Ariane 5 and you get the Space Shuttle start configuration (the main fuel-tank with two solid-fuel booster rockets and the Shuttle for transportation of persons and payload).
The main liquid-fuel-tank is reused after the start.

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