PAGE 2 : The Past of  Manned Spaceflights

The history of manned spaceflight has shown,that self given aims can be reached by mankind.

Setting a foot on the moon not only was the dream of  Wernherr von Braun  that became true, but also the first step for human beings to leave their home and settle on other planets in the universe (or at least in their own solar system).

    With the "Lunar-Prospector" satellite just having found water ice scattered in small deposits across a large area around the moon's geographical poles a return to the moon could make sense.
(the US-Department of Energy estimates that there are at least 11 million tons of ice mainly dispersed across about 173,000 square kilometers around the moon's north pole)

Do you remember the little Communicator in the first STAR-TREK (TM)
television serial ?
Nowadays many people carry along cellular phones
like the one shown on the left side. Like this idea being thought out by the science-fiction authors some other concepts mentioned in SCI-FI - and more serious literature could become reality.

The Present

B y now it is possible for a physically trained person to stay in a terrestrial orbit for at least 6 months.

Transport concepts - like the U.S. Space Shuttle - are capable of  bringing people
and associated material out of range of the terrestrial gravitation.

An Outlook to the possible
Future of  Space Travelling
With advanced propulsion technology and regarding the fact,that a possible spacecraft acceleration (respectively deceleration after

half way of the journey) of  9.81 m/s2 would lead to normal gravitation conditions on board (an equality proposed by A.Einstein ) a relatively short and comfortable journey to the red planet would be in reach  ( anybody out there to calculate the resulting duration of this trip with a=9.81 m/s2  ?  I cannot believe my result : 56 HOURS !!!  ).

Setting a foot on Mars is planned for the year 2012 by NASA.
Creating acceptable living conditions for the human race could be possible,if liquid hydrogen - also suitable as rocket-fuel component for the journey - is used to transform  part of the frozen Carbondioxide near the poles of mars to Water.

" Equation of the week" :

CO2  +    2 H2

2 H2O + C

( is already there )

(brought from Earth)

(used for living there)

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