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Software for pupils :

  • 'MTEACH'
    mathematical U.F.O. game
    Games for solving of simple linear equations ;
    Pythagoras-training ; dynamic point-distance game ;
    attacking rectangular triangles ;
    MDI-window (multi-user) support and optional help with the
    next solution-step of the displayed mathematical task
    (72 kB .zip file ; version 1.13)

    (click here for the 'MTEACH' reply card )

  • WinMan : graphical interactive text game (version 0.85 with integrated one-on-one soccer game; 55 kB .zip file)

    Note-Trainer for Microsoft WindowsTM (Version 0.3 ; 21 KBytes .zip file)
  • piano and violin style note input
  • optional 'fourth finger' usage for violin input
  • optional half-tone usage ('#' and 'b') for piano input

    this page has been updated on July-27-2009