The application is a .jar executable file that can be directly installed
in the 'games' or 'applications' directory of a Java-enabled cellphone.

  • Polynome tool to compute symbolic derivations , extremal points ( f '(xe) = 0 ) ,
    a function-value table, x-axis intersections and an interactive (dynamic) function graph display for
    f(x) = P9(x) = a*x9 + b*x8 + ... + h*x2+i*x+j and g(x) = P9(x)
    or sin(z), cos(z), tan(z) and sqrt(z) (for a functional combination z(x)
    with z := f or z := f / g ).
  • Expansion of '(x+a)*(x+b)*(x+c)*...' to a polynome of degree 9 (max.)
    and symbolic computation of f(x)=0 for f2(x) = P2(x) = h*x2+i*x+j .
    Integrated help-system,vector,fraction and percentage computations and a tool to solve
    '2*2' and '3*3' systems of equations step by step or all at once.

    26 kBytes .jar file ; Version 1.3
    tested on Motorola (A780, A910, E680/E680i, MOTOMING A1200/A1200i/A1200r,
    MOTOROKR E6, ROKR E2),Nokia (N95, N95 8GB, N73, E51, N82 and other Nokia cellphones)
    and some SonyEriccson and BenqSiemens devices.
    note: depending on your cellphones operating system the .jar file will possibly be
    moved to a games or application directory automatically
    after you have copied the file to the root directory of the phone.

    If you like this JavaTM version of the tool and if you want to contribute to the update process,
    then please send at least 1 Euro (or the equivalent in your local currency) together with your eMail address

    (transfers from Germany : Bankleitzahl (BLZ) 30020900 ; Konto Nr. 1304680160 )
    You can write your eMail address as 'abc(at)def.xy' or 'abc_at_def.xy' if the entry form of your banking system
    does not support the 'at' sign.

    You will then receive a customer ID and will be informed about updates (and how to download them).
    Your eMail address will only be used for this purpose.

  • click here for a similar program running on the iPhone and iPod touchTM (available in the AppStoreTM)

    (this page has been updated on February-07-2009)