ROBOT SOCCER Worldcups :

In the past Germany won the final against the U.S.A.
(later - in a second tournament - Germany has won against Great Britain but lost against Austria)
In the 2002 'RoboCup' in Japan the final of the smaller soccer-robots was won by the U.S.A.
and the final of the largest soccer-robots was won by Japan itself.
(the robots had to be computer-controlled - no external human steering was allowed)
The 2006 'RoboCup' in Northern Germany is marked by several categories of robots hunting the ball:
Japanese toy dogs, humanoid constructions and the classic wheel driven devices (see JavaTM applet below)
Activate the keyboard-response
of the JavaTM applet
by clicking into it
and press the key F1 or 'h' for help.

  • click here to download the 11 kB .zip file version of the applet for local usage e.g. on a PDA with a JavaTM Virtual Machine

  • click here for a simple JAVATM goalkeeper game

  • FIFA soccer Worldcups

    1998 in France

    06-25-1998 : Germany - Iran 2:0
    (goals in the second half by Oliver Bierhoff and Jürgen Klinsmann)
    06-29-1998 : Mexico : Germany 1:2
    (goals in 2nd half by Oliver Bierhoff and Jürgen Klinsmann)
    Germany was sent home by Croatia in the quarter-final
    and Italy kicked out of the tournament by France

    2002 in Korea and Japan

    final : Germany - Brazil 0:2
    (goals by Ronaldo)

    2006 in Germany

    first round (group A) :
    06-09-2006 : Germany - Costa Rica 4:2
    06-14-2006 : Germany - Poland 1:0
    (goal by Neuville in minute 90+1)
    06-18-2006 : Brazil - Australia 2:0
    06-20-2006 : Ecuador - Germany 0:3 ; England - Sweden 2:2

  • click here to hear and see a 180o impression of the
    local enthusiasm here in Krefeld 1 hour after
    the 3 goal victory of the German team.

    the expected constellation of the Berlin final at that time
    (before Brazil was kicked out of the tournament by France)

    Nearly every material was used on nearly every place
    to indicate the own team in the streets.

    06-24-2006 : Germany - Sweden 2:0 (both goals by Lukas Podolski)

    quarter-final :
    06-30-2006 : Germany - Argentina 5:3
    (after penalty shoot-out)
  • click here for the atmosphere at a central public viewing point during this game

    The semi-final Germany - Italy on July 4th was won by Italy 0:2.
    Italy won the final 5:3 (after penalty shoot-out) on July 9th against France as well
    and became World Champion for the fourth time.

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