News from the 1999 UUNET Symposium:

(note: 'UUNET' recently has changed to 'MCI-Worldcom Germany')


  • "VoIP" = voice over IP (= internet telephony)


  • "UUtv" : streamed video (MPEG3+ compression standard) over IP
    . Two servers (e.g. from Nokia) are needed on the broadcasting side:
    one for compressing the video signal, the other one for serving
    requests from INTRANET/Internet. Receiving client is a standard PC/workstation with the new media player from Internet-Explorer 5.0 (a 56k+ internet connection is recommended).
    The streamed video can be downloaded live or at any time later as far
    as diskspace/webspace is provided.


    Trends becoming apparent from the
    UUNET Symposium on September-30-1998

  • security cards (credit card size) for dynamic number-passwords.
    The number is changed every 60 seconds by card and server -
    an individual PIN code can be added to the algorithm by the user in an
    advanced version.
    2 manufacturers on the market by now:
    a) CRYPTOCard Corporation U.S.A. - german distributor ComCad.
    b) Security Dynamics Technologies Offenbach

  • TFT color displays (e.g. by Compaq) as standard PC-display in the future

  • Dual Pentium II (TM) architecture for mid-range and high-end servers.

  • virtual servers or plug-in server modules (e.g. provided by Nokia)
    installed in the UUNET-building ('HOSTING') can be used for interactive websites
    (chat-rooms etc.)

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