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Frequently Asked Questions ('FAQs')

This includes pager-questions that couldn't be answered directly due to a missing
sender eMail adress or those questions typed into a search engine with no direct answer
from the page within T.R.S. (germany) they lead to.
The last type of question is reprinted in CAPITAL letters.

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    Question : How can I "CONVERT APPLETS TO JPG IMAGES" ?

    Answer 1 :
    Use the "PrintScreen" key to transfer a static copy via the Windows(TM) clipboard
    to an image-program that is capable of generating .jpg files.
    Answer 2 :
    Visit for a dynamic conversion of a running JAVA applet to
    a .htm(l) page that can be displayed with any browser (even those without JAVA ability).

    Question : How do you play the JAVA games on the site ?

    Answer :
    a) click on the game's JAVA applet to activate its keyboard response
    b) then press F1 to view the applet's help screen (if implemented, like on soccer.htm)
    or read the explanatory text below the applet (e.g. helicopt.htm)
    c) some of the applets are animated by moving the mouse (with left mousekey pressed) inside the applet ("dragging").
    d) in other applets the player is controlled by moving or dragging the mouse

    Question : How can I upgrade my Bios ?

    Answer : If you have an older motherboard, you will probably have to
    replace BOTH Bios EPROMS with new ones (if still available)
    Newer motherboards allow a rewrite of the integrated Flash memory
    (with the software on the disk that has been delivered with the board)
    Try to download the new Bios from the manufacturer's website : !
    The name of the manufacturer is displayed at boot-time ; e.g. "Ami"

    Q : If an asteroid comes past us, won't it's gravity affect us some way ?

    A : not much more than the gravity influence of the moon.
    note : the relatively high level change of the sea on earth is caused by an
    OSCILLATION process (due to the moon trajectory around earth)

    Question : A friend tells me there are indications that a large comet is enroute to
    earth, and the goverment is, or will be, denying or downplaying this.

    Answer1 :
    Yes, something could be heard in 1998 that a comet/asteroid was coming this way
    but it will probably miss us by hundreds of millions of miles.
    Answer2 :
    this asteroid induced the page on
    the "Rocket-Site"

    Q : where can i find some pictures of planets, stars, nebulas (especially)
    and/or moons (preferably not ours)

    A : an interactive java planetary with sun,earth and mars (by now) can be found

    (page updated on July-09-2001)