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Investors Information:

Major companies

The values actually only represent the general stock value development in 1999-2001 and 2006.
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external links : IBM | Rockwell (U.S.A.) | Nokia | Sun Microsystems

3.) on the way : Insignia Solutions (Nasdaq: INSG)

  • participates in the Microsoft Mobility Partner Advisory Council (MPAC)
  • with the "Jeode" platform Insignia adds Java(TM)-enabling software to the products of dozens of leading companies such as
    BSQUARE Corporation (Nasdaq: BSQR), Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ), Fujitsu PC Products, Motorola (Nasdaq: MOT),
    Sharp, Samsung, Siemens AG, Toshiba Information Systems, Victor Data Systems (a subsidiary of JVC), and
    Wind River Systems (Nasdaq: WIND).
    Insignia Solutions is publicly-held with headquarters in Fremont, California, and its main R&D facilities in High Wycombe, England.
  • executive vice president of operations : Peter Baldwin
  • company's website at

    4.) Start-Up companies

  • "Best Tech (Hong Kong) Ltd" has been looking for an investor to help them market a Linux PDA

    5.) Technical Analysis

  • Click here if you are interested in fourier analysis based stock trading.

    6.) Third party stock exchange remarks from the past

    Looking Ahead

    George W. Bush ... only cares about what politics means to the stock market, ... The average annual change under republicans since 1900 has been 8.1%, while under democrats, it has been 13.4%. Also, traditionally, the first two years of a new administration most often see the start of wars, recessions, and bear markets. Lets hope little Bush doesn't do anything to muck up our current period of peace and prosperity.

    Excerpt from : The Hot Stix Weekly (first quarter 2001) :
    (partly proven by history)

    7.) Investing in remaining parts of the ISS (after the scientific usage period)

    2 possible usage concepts:
    a) The parts serve as hotel in earth-orbit (sooner money refund but too risky)
    b) Parts of ISS are brought as future material-source/shelter to the moon

  • Click here for hints on calculating the costs and possible later refund of solution b) .
    This should be done considering the costs of bringing the amount of metal to the moon
    (e.g. for building measurements) that the transferred ISS parts consists of.
  • and here for the scientific background of this solution

    (this page has been updated on January-20-2006)