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Software for students :

  • real time Four(r)ier Analysis/Synthesis
    Version 0.82 with "splitted view" option and preliminary softmodem ;
    134 kB .zip file with 2 separate applications : graphical character-sender (version 2.4) + corresponding sounddata-receiver and sample data files included

  • options in JavaTM applet above :
  • open demo-menu in upper half with left mouse-button or
  • click in lower half to change screenshot-display

  • internal links : WINNIX Soundplayer for .wav files | compact browser

  • advanced 2D/3D vector and financial calculator
    Version 1.01 for WindowsTM3.1x,'95,2000,Me or higher
    64 kBytes .zip file with
  • WindowsTM helpfile and
  • 2 financial table-files

    Use the JavaScriptTM version on the left to test the |x| and [norm] functions of the calculator
    with a 3 component vector before downloading the full program version by clicking
    here or in the image on the right.

    ( click here to download a simplified RPN / MS-DOSTM-Version )
    and here for a small version with built-in percentage computation functions)
  • detailed bitmap display for computation of the angle alpha between 2 given vectors :

    (click inside JavaTM applet
    on the left to change screenshot
    or open menu)
  • Gravity Billiard (version 0.92 ; 116 kBytes .zip file)
  • optional geared table or centered 'black hole' simulation
  • 2 options to control ball rotation
  • integrated lunar mission simulation (3 component spaceship with lunar lander and approach visualization)
    numerical function analysis tool for Linux (as Gambas project)
    Version 0.2 ; 8 kByte .zip file

    Rotateable view of the earth :

  • globe viewer and database - (Windows 3.1x program ; 42 kBytes .zip file)
  • 2D/3D Version 1.2 with
  • display of flag-outlines for commonly used flag-concepts
  • fast search-function for names of country or region and associated flag-concept (using an external data file)
  • multiple satellite trajectory display option with changeable satellite speed
  • zoom function for map and selectable 3D globe (see below)
  • support for vectorized landscape display (1 sample file included)
  • combinations of "text-labelled", "outlined" and "area-filled" display selectable

  • (click on arrows or use number keys '1' - '3'
    to go through the several view options)

    2*2 and 3*3 system of equations solving tool :

    (click inside Java[TM] applet on the left
    to open demo menu)

  • 'equation' : Windows 3.1x program ; Version 1.00 ; 33 kBytes .zip - file

    Polynomes and trigonometrical functions

  • program for editing, deriving, integrating and drawing functions
    f(x) = ex, f(x) = sinn x, f(x) = cosn x and f(x) = Pn(x)
  • fraction input, automatic term simplification, exponentiations f(x) 2 and f 3
  • dynamic change of function-term and graph via the 4 cursor keys
  • 3D 'bridge' output and display of all derivations (with x-axis intersection values) and special points are possible for polynomes Pn(x)
    ( Version 1.4 for WindowsTM 3.1x or newer ; 32 kBytes .zip file )


  • probability tree drawing tool ; Version 1.11d (117 kByte .zip file)

  • fractions for each branch can be set individually (automatically set to 1/n if none defined)
  • strings at end of each branch can be marked and edited
  • global Winnix password access

  • vector analysis tool :

  • vectroom : converts e.g. parametric to linear form
    (BETATEST-Version 0.94 ; Windows 3.1x program ; 25 kBytes .zip file)

  • Software for pupils

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