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How to Get a Launch Pass

(and Other Miscellaneous Information)

The space shuttle press kit is at, substituting the mission number where (sts#) is shown (e.g.,

For up-to-date and detailed information call the following:

1-407-867-4636: Visitor Information Center information and next launch.
(407)-867-4636: Space Shuttle mission information.
(407)-867-2314: Space shuttle status line.

NASA Causeway Site Passes

Due to recent world events, NASA has suspended the issuance of car passes for space shuttle launch viewing from inside of Kennedy Space Center.
Therefore, NASA cannot accept any requests for future launches at this time.

The KSC visitor center might offer bus rides from the visitor's center to the Causeway Site. Information is available from the KSC Visitor Center Web Site

Other Viewing Recommendations

If you can't get a launch pass I suggest you come to Titusville. Go east on State Road 50 from I-95, to US-1. Go north on US-1 to the "Miracle City Mall" at Harrison. Park somewhere north of this spot. Anywhere north along U.S. 1, or east (as far as you can) along Florida Rt. 406 (402) is good (specifically Sand Point Park), just as long as you can see the VAB and don't have trees blocking the view.

Also you can try Jetty Park at Port Canaveral (you will be south of the launch looking north).

Regardless of where you are going to see it, arrive early (at least 2 hours before launch). Be prepared to get into some real heavy traffic, it will also take some time to get out of the area. Bring along some food and drink, umbrellas, sun glasses, sun screen, portable TV/radio, binoculars, VCR, whatever.

When watching a launch, listen to FM Station 91.5 (it is a local religious station) or AM 580 out of Orlando. NASA Select Television is carried on Spacenet 2, transponder 5, channel 9, 69 degrees West, transponder frequency is 3880 MHz, audio subcarrier is 6.8 MHz, polarization is horizontal.

TV: Local stations such as channels 56, 2, 6 & 9 sometimes have live coverage. They usually just interrupt the program that is in progress for the final 2 minutes of prelaunch, and then a couple of minutes after launch. Same for landing.

Radio: Some local radio stations to listen to are 91.5 FM, 99.3 FM, 101.1 FM, 1350 AM and 580 AM.