second ICE train accident in Germany

inside Hanover main station - nobody wounded
cause of accident : rail broken

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First ICE highspeed train crash in germany

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101 casualties

cause of accident :
break of wheel-ring (material fault assumed ; no warning sensor installed)

links: City of Celle | Eschede | Deutsche Bahn AG | DRK

Heavy earthquake in Turkey

  • the earthquake (center near IZMIT) measured 7.8 on Richter Scale
  • several new smaller earthquakes (up to 5.1 on R.S.) afterwards
    (the last one on AUGUST-31-1999)
  • about 12.000 dead bodies found
  • more than 30.000 people missed in collapsed buildings (officially declared dead)
  • the earth-bound telephone system is damaged
  • possible satellite telephone provider :Iridium (updated July-2001)
  • american hospital ship rejected by turkish government
    (this page has been updated on August-30-2001 ; displayed events are from the year 1999)