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Millennium Firework above Downtown Chicago

click inside applet to activate keyboard response and
  • press the "r" key to change the direction of the rotated map movement
  • click on a desired map-location to zoom in and out
  • hit the "s" key to start the simulated firework (starts automatically on 01-01-2004)
  • scroll window content up or down to change the firework illumination effect by partly hiding the color "scratch area" (top left)

  • the 2D map of Downtown Chicago was provided by Richard M. Daley (Mayor of Chicago in 1998)

    external links:

  • to the Official Chicago website
  • Macromedia Flash(TM) demonstration from the University of Chicago
  • Chicago Board of Trade (english skills required for reading the usage policy)

    internal link:

  • car navigation system (with integrated electronic dashboard)
    for cities with rectangular street orientation

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