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Applications for WINNIX / Windows(TM) (if you enter the password manually you can directly run these applications under Windows(TM) 3.1x or higher)

  • Extended zoom utility (version 0.90 ; 32 kBytes .zip file) with

    - automatic mouse-control for creating or reading graphical patterns
    (like dotted lines or brick-walls) in other applications running on the same PC
    (with optional background-colour analysis for more effective selection of irregular polygone-fields and optional external toolbar-activation or
    file-output of a read colour with each step)

    - optional mouseclick transfer to applications on external PCs which run
    'zoom.exe' as well

  • File find utility (42 kB .exe file ;
    Version 1.57 with enlarged list-window)

    application-collection with a common user-defined spammer-database

  • hex dump and Winnix database/helpfile/mailfile view utility
    (40 kBytes .zip file ; version 1.63 with

  • Local directory browse , 'fly-by' help and 2 level file/directory-info and extended recursive directory function.
  • currently 5+1 HTML tags are supported :
    '<a href="...">...</a>' ,
    '<table>' , '<head>' , '<title>' , '<body>' and the specific tag '<rect>'.
  • context menus, SPAM-filter for multiple sender-adresses.

  • virus search and delete for 8 of the currently relevant viruses and all existing 'standard' reset viruses
  • compression and spam eMail analyzer
  • uses 3 colours (red/black/green) and an additional warning-sign to distinguish
  • the analyzed spam-level of each displayed mail-file

  • 'Drag & Drop' servant (Version 0.81 ; 96 kBytes ".zip" file)
  • Integrated clock, system- and usage time info, automatic job execution and trashcan-function.
  • Virus/worm-search with checksum, language- and filetype-info,
    file-cleanup, image-concatenation and file-view or text-search for multiple files.

  • Virtual keyboard and charmap function
    (user input can be redirected to a desired target window ;
    incomplete words can be replaced by words from a word-list)

  • Extended Soundplayer for ".wav" files
    (partly supports answering machine hardware ; Version 1.57 ;
    98 kB .zip file)
    internal links :
  • fourier analysis software
  • WindowsCE(TM) version of the virtual music keyboard / organ

  • mainboard-generation-software (e.g. for parallel-computing)
    Version 0.90 ; 28 kBytes .zip package
    (click inside applet below to open menues)
    integrated paint and HTML-map conversion program
    (Version 0.752 ; 75 kB .zip file) :

  • Chess ; Version 1.15 ; 660 kBytes .zip file

    - 3 different mouse movement options
    - line/column highlighting via mouseclicks in margin area of the board

  • click here to download 'mini-chess'
    (version 1.05 ; 33 kBytes .zip file)
    - for 2 players versus each other
    - integrated highlighting of possible moves,
    threatened and reachable
    fields of the board (e.g. for beginners)

  • this page has been updated on May-07-2008