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Software for PCs and
mobile devices / 'Smartphones'

  • use the MS-DOSTM selector above or click here to download the additional file components for the MS-DOS based command interpreter for Winnix
    (Version 1.46 for PC-DOSTM or MS-DOSTM (3.1 or higher) in a 92 kB .zip package).

    Feel free to use the following logo if you use Winnix for your hardware solution :
    HTML sourcecode: <img border=0 src="wod.jpg">

  • click here for the small
    browser and editor
    ( CBP : "compact browser program" ;
    Version 1.06 ; 88 kBytes .zip file )
    and here for its DDE modem-server
    (demoversion 1.1 ; 69 kBytes .zip file)
  • internal link :
    preliminary softmodem

    JAVATM applications and applets

  • .jar executable files for Java-enabled cellphones:
  • Mathematics tool (e.g. polynomes, '2*2' and '3*3' equations
    and verbal percentage computations)

  • JAVATM applets (webpages):
  • spreadsheet with MATRIX-functions (preliminary version)
  • circle and cable editor | interactive arc calculation

  • (note : the above and many other applets on this website are compatible with any
    Java version 1.0/1.1 'Virtual Machine' (VM) which is available for many PDAs, smartphones and even newer Thuraya satellite phones)
  • Software for Psion Computers

  • Series 5 and Revo(PLUS)
  • Series 3 a/c/mx (and Siena)
  • applications using the WINNIX login mechanism

  • file find, virus search, spam-filter and database / WINNIX-helpfiles view utility
  • 'Drag & Drop' servant
  • Extended Soundplayer
  • motherboard-generation-software
  • applications for WindowsTM

    screensaver demo (preliminary version 0.85 ; 75 kB .zip file)
  • Dutch<->German and English<->German language tools
    (Version 1.0 ; 111 kBytes .zip file
  • Games for MS-DOSTM or a 'DOS-Box'

    'Life' with mouse support
    (12 kB 'MLIFE.COM' application)

    'Invaders' with german texts and other programs
    (139 kB .ZIP file)

    automatic circle recognition
    test-version (e.g. for optical ball recognition in
    robot soccer games or space-station auto-docking)

    C-source code for own adaption ; 6 kB .zip file

    Software for Macintosh Computers (OsX)

  • CircleView : circular text drawing utilty
    (preliminary version 0.2 ; 20 KBytes .zip file)
  • Software for Windows-CETM

    TTT / GLS / organ (final version 1.52 ; 20 kBytes .zip file)
    (click inside right half of the JavaTM applet below to see the different screenshots)
    alt="Your browser understands the <APPLET> tag but isn't running the applet, for some reason." Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag!
  • Tic Tac Toe game for 2 players with sound (similar to the one-player TTT demo above)

  • Mathematical section with
    - zoomable graph display for polynome Pn(x) = SUM_OVER_i { ai * xbi } and f(x)=exp(1/Pn(x))
    with up to 4 additive components ai and bi stored in the first 2 table rows
    - computation of vectorial cross product (a x b)
    - random number generator ( 2 types of random events : throwing of coins and dice )
    - integrated editor and 'step-by-step' solver for a 4*3 variable system of linear equations
    ( e.g. generated by 3 points P1 to P3 on a function f(x) = y = a*x2 + b*x + c )
    - fractions are allowed for parameters and solution, e.g.
    - 4 colour logo display (12*8 pixel) generated from 2 sets of 12 binary numbers stored in the table's
    12 fraction values ai / bi
    - 3D cube with editable surface pattern (optional mirror effect for faster filling)

  • 'undo' function for both applications

  • electronic organ with melody-search function,
    record/play and load/save, 3 drumpads,
    phone-dialtones and slideable multi-octave keyboard

  • sample organ soundfiles that have been recorded from a
    'Fujitone 3A' electronic organ are included in the package
    (mode : "digital piano" ; click here for the original sound-source)
  • notes:
  • if you don't already have the necessary instrument-wavefile directory '/TTTO' you can download it
    here (93 KBytes .zip file)
  • the application '' runs on any Windows-CE PDA or smartphone if the suitable
    'PocketC' runtime-library ('PCShell') is installed ;
    click here to download the 'PCShell' version for a HP/Compaq "iPaqTM" PDA.

  • Software mainly for pupils/students

    (e.g. real time fourier analysis)
  • Flight-Simulator (for 386 processor PCs or above),
  • simple JAVA helicopter simulator and
  • electronic dashboard for cars

  • (three language) interactive cellular phone emulator
    77 kBytes .zip-file ; version 0.96 with
  • supports subsets of WAP / HTM(l) / XML
  • loads GME-files
    ( = downloadable games)
  • external helpfile and optional keystroke output to serial port
  • slideable virtual keyboard (2 resulting LCD screen-sizes)

    2D/3D viewer (Version 1.24 ; 89 kBytes .zip file) with
  • Rubik's Cube demo version
  • angle-value display for plane-wing model
  • 3D glasses and prismatic screen virtuality support for images and plane-wing model:
  • red/green glasses and prismatic screen for wireframe model and
  • alternating glasses (with optional parallel port switch-signal) for wireframe model or 3D Bitmaps
  • (i.e. 2 separate images photographed under eye-distance)
  • external DDE client

  • The included example model demonstrates flexible wing-profiles of a
    supersonic civil aircraft for relatively slow landing on usual airfields
    and fast travelling velocity (click here for some background information).
    ( 'Viewer' reply card )

  • KesmaiTM'AirWarrior' films

    (this page has been updated on September-02-2010)