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linear function calculations

initial dialog
  • split x- and y coordinate values by comma
    e.g. : entry of "1,2" or "(1,2)" for point A and "3,4" for point B in dialog box .
  • compute an y=ax exponential function by selecting the "exponential type" checkbox instead of the one for the "linear type" (y=m*x+n) function
    or select a y=x2 parabel or sine function for drawing before finally pressing the "OK" button
  • interactive display
  • the points P1 and P2 can be dragged with mouse inside the function-graph area (up right)
  • click on one of the underlined letters ('a' to 'd') to view/hide the corresponding calculations
  • If the applet has been activated by clicking into it , the sequence
    key 'F2' + entry of an image URL (e.g. the local file 'back.gif') + key 'CURSOR DOWN'
    sets the background image for the coordinate system (use the key 'CURSOR LEFT' to erase a mistyped character)
  • refresh page with your browser to enter new coordinate values.

  • internal link: computation of distance to a linear flight path

    (this page has been updated on November-01-2004)