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Eight Images

Thanks for sending in single images (see below) for the soccer applet.

To maintain a certain quality multiple image sequences
(4 or better 8 rotated views of a human head or a whole player) should be sent in that fit into the soccer/basketball environment.
In order to take these pictures you could

a) sit down on a rotateable chair (that can be found e.g. at the
physics room of a school) and use a standard digital camera
on a tripod to generate the 8 necessary ".gif" or ".jpg" files
(click here for an example of such an image sequence)


b) take one or two photos (front and back of the head) and use
mapping software to lay this image onto a 3D wireframe model of a human head (or even your one if you have used 3D scanning before).

  • internal link :
    a simple version of image mapping (earth map 'glued' onto a cylinder)
    can be found inside the globe application.

    currently available additional player images :

    (press 'p' key within the soccer applet to change ; only 1 image was sent in)

    'Dan the Man' -

  • (this page has been updated on October-09-2001)