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activate applet's keyboard response by clicking into the frame above and press (during game)
  • key F1 for help or options
  • key F2 to activate goalkeeper training.

  • the cursor keys LEFT or RIGHT to fire (sound)waves against the ball.
    This will affect the energy-level displayed in the second bar on top of the applet's screen.

  • The following step has become necessary due to the current economic crisis and the possibility that Lycos U.S. might shut down
    the free webhosting service in the near future (as Lycos U.K. already has announced to do) :
    If you like this JavaTM game and if you want to contribute to the hosting and update costs,
    then please send at least 1 Euro (or the equivalent in your local currency) together with the word SOCCER and your eMail address

    (transfers from Germany : Bankleitzahl (BLZ) 30020900 ; Konto Nr. 1304680160 )
    You can write your eMail address as 'abc(at)def.xy' or 'abc_at_def.xy' if the entry form of your banking system
    does not support the 'at' sign.

    You will then be informed about updates (and you will receive a game password when this becomes necessary).
    Your eMail address will only be used for this purpose.
    If you send 25 Euro you become a "Silver" sponsor of the game (50 Euro = "Gold" ; 100 Euro = "Platinum") and your name
    will be entered into a sponsor-list on this webpage (in this case include "NAME:....." in the subject-line of your transfer)

  • Missing the background music ? Compose your own !
  • If you think that 'cloned' soccer players are a bit boring you can join the
    JAVA SOCCER TEAM and send in 8 (EIGHT !) '.gif' files [a 360 degree rotation image series ;
    each image is rotated by 45 degrees] of a human head to .
    NOTE: The owner must agree to the distribution of his head as a new member of the team.

    versions of soccer for local ("offline") usage :

  • PDA version 1.22 (126 kBytes .zip file) for PDAs or 'smartphones' with a Java(TM) Virtual Machine ("JVM") ,
    pen-input and scalable or moveable (scrollable) applet screen.
  • Windows(TM) version (integrated as additional scenario into the "WinMan" game)
  • simple concept-demonstration (164 kBytes .zip file) of a standalone version for Windows(TM)

  • Worldcup Review & JAVA-RobotSoccer-game

    this page has been updated on February-08-2009