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Psion Series 5 (mxPro) / Revo (PLUS)

  • mathematical spreadsheet files (3 kB .zip file)

    integrated utility package (112 kB .zip file)

  • changeable example-calculation for derivation and partial integration

  • data file -> image conversion

  • RPN calculator (R.P.N.="reverse polish notation") ; Version 1.24 ;
    sourcecode of Series 3 version (GNU software license) included

    (regular expressions are converted to RPN after entry)

  • HDM-browser for simplified HTM(L) documents (with a ".jav" subset)

  • 2*2 and 3*3 equation solver (Gaussian algorithm with step-by-step option for learning)

  • XPaint Version 1.85 : tool for drawing
    - multiple text-lines and formulas
    (automatic determinant calculation for 2*2 and 3*3 matrices that are used in formulas)
    - runways and ships can be set as predefined stamp
    - sizeable triangles, prisms, (divided) circles, (splitted) 3D cubes and aircrafts
    (2D/3D : plane rotated around 1 or 2 axis ; with radar labelling option ;
    fairly realistic flight-simulation mode for 1 aircraft + optional 1 cube [building] and/or
    1 runway as landscape )

  • chemical draw tool (Version 2.67)
    instantly draws userdefined molecules and (cyclic) chains of C,H and CH2 atoms
    and alcane, alcanol and alcanoid acid molecules

  • polynome tool : analytical solution of P2(x) ; verbous numerical solution with automatic mesh-width selection of Pn(x) ;
    analytical derivation of f(x)=Pn(x) and computation of f(x)2 , f(x)+g(x) and f(x)*g(x) (up to degree 20 of the solution polynome)

    (click on the 2 gray arrow-fields to walk through all available screenshots)

  • determinant / sum of 16 digits or <n> numbers game

  • waveform editor { Revo(PLUS) version without RECORD/PLAY }

  • Alien Game

    dual scenery land/sea :

  • click here for some usage comments on the "alien g." game

    (this page has been updated on September-25-2003)