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What is new ?

  • A calendar image generator and a 3 way percentage calculation tool have been added to XSoft.htm.
  • The Gravity Billiard Game has been updated with info texts.
  • 'Mteach' has been updated with an optional help-function for the actually displayed mathematical task.
  • Games and tools for the iPhone and iPod touch [TM] have been added.
  • A Sudoku game and a digit riddle have been added to the Dinosaur Riddle Compilation.
  • Mathematical software for Java enabled cellphones and a Berlin page have been added.
  • The mathematical FAQ-list has been extended with derivation and physical oscillation function problems.
  • The Satellite Communication page has been updated with information about 'GlobalStar' .
  • The function analysis tool on the student software page has been updated.
  • The aircraft carrier simulator has been extended with course,speed and S.F. map display.
  • The spam-eMail analyzer has been extended with a 'reset virus' scan function.
  • 3D view and a simple 'walking' mechanism have been added to the JAVA robot soccer simulation
  • The 'Windows CE' music keyboard (+ TTT game and equation solver) has been mathematically
  • The zoom application has been extended.
  • the keyboard with a melody search function
  • the integrated equation solver with a 3 point -> polynome computation.
  • the news page has been updated with X-Mas Greetings and Mars probe information.
  • The 'mini chess' application has been extended.
  • The probability tree program's text-editing function has been extended.
  • Winman has been extended
  • The 'viewer' application has been extended with support for alternating glasses to view
    the 3-dimensional wireframe-model and 3D real-images.
  • The 'hex dump' and file-browser application has been extended with a
    2-level "fly-by" recursive directory property function.
  • A (second type of) dynamic ball has been added to the JAVA soccer-game
  • On-screen cursor control in 'Citydraw' has been extended
  • The flight simulator's polygone editor has been extended.
  • the Logo Designer has been optimized.
  • The Windows-CE toolkit has been updated.
  • 2 versions of the soccer game and a shaded + image-mapped player-body have been added.
  • The helicopter simulator has been extended with a frame-set and helicopter-type labels within the
    function-editor (that enables the user to set the resisting angular force momentum function).
  • The animated 2D/3D Chicago map and the architectural applet inside the Krefeld-page have been
    extended with zoom-functionality.

  • Changes in the past

  • The JAVA(TM) applet in the search engine page lets the user go through several parsed
    question types.
  • The 'Editor and Browser' has been updated.
  • The JAVA applet on the Ellipse equation page has been extended with
    a) trajectory line storage and coordinate system rotation features
    b) adaptive applet-usage help-text that reduces to an empty window during the learn-process
  • The Investor page has been updated with information from an Insignia press release
  • The DOS and Windows(TM) versions of the Winnix package were extended,
    the presentation applet was modernized.
  • was moved to a separate file for download.
  • The vector-calculator on the student software page was updated.
  • The timer e.g. on the Index-page and the interactive X-Soft Logo
    have been extended with integrated links to other pages on .
  • The interactive Christmas-tree on the News-page has been extended.
  • The New York page was updated and extended several times (especially after 9-11-2001).
  • The chat-room was extended with
    a) the ability to change to an external site via clicking on a highlighted text-element
    b) a 'subject'-list
    c) a preset username (via F2 key)
  • A "protection-dome" for cities was added to the flight simulator's autopilot and a
    request-form to the flight webpage.
  • An interactive applet was added to archive3.
  • Psion Revo(PLUS) and S5 software was extended (e.g. the game 'Alien G.').
  • The JAVA(TM) video-player got a start/stop button + slider for single-image selection.
  • the fractional equations displayed on the Ellipse equation page were converted partly to HTML.
  • The banner-applet and car-navigationsystem were extended.
  • The Extended Soundplayer was extended.
  • The JAVA(TM) applet in the ESA/NASA comparison page was updated.
  • modem and toolbar-window features were added to the fourier analysis program.
  • exponential function computation was added to the dialog applet.
  • The 'D&D servant' was updated several times
    (e.g. a spacebar was added to the virtual keyboard).

  • (this page has been updated on January-03-2010)